This notice provides information about the processing of personal data by the Volvo Group relating toyou, as a driver of a vehicle, or operator of any equipment or machine manufactured, supplied or marketed by one of the companies within the Volvo Group (Volvo Vehicle).

The Volvo Group may also process personal data about you if:

  •  You are an individual, or a current or former employee of a company, that has bought, rented, loaned or trialled a product or engaged any service offered by one of the companies belonging to the Volvo Group. In this case, please read our Customer notice;
  • You are an individual, or a current or former employee of a company, that has sold or rented a product or provided service to one of the companies belonging to the Volvo Group. In this case, please read our Supplier notice; or
  • You are or have been employed or engaged as a consultant by a Volvo Group company. In this case please read our Employee or Consultant notice (as applicable).

Identity of the controller

Volvo Group Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 27 000 761 259) and its related bodies corporate, including Volvo Lastvagnar AB, Volvo Bussar Aktiebolag, Volvo Construction Equipment Aktiebolag, AB Volvo Penta, Renault Trucks Defense, Renault Trucks SAS, Volvo Financial Services LLC, WirelessCar Sweden AB and AB Volvo (“VOLVO”, “Volvo Group”, “we” or “us”), as controllers of personal data, are responsible for the processing of personal data that relate to you under applicable data protection laws.

If you have questions regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact VOLVO’s data protection officer at the contact details set out below in this notice.

Volvo Vehicles may be equipped with one or more information system which may gather and store information about the Volvo Vehicle, including but not limited to information relating to the Volvo Vehicle’s condition and performance, and information relating to the driver or operator of the Volvo Vehicle (“Vehicle Data”).  Vehicle Data processed by VOLVO may include the categories listed below.  Please note that VOLVO will not necessarily process all the Vehicle Data listed below.


Driver behaviour and performance, such as driving pattern; instantaneous geo-positioning data and location data, language settings of the dashboard

Driver / operator related data, such as driver ID, and dashboard settings

Vehicle Identification number, such as the vehicle-ID (including VIN and chassis ID), IP number, MAC address 

Vehicle Performance data, such as technical vehicle data, information from vehicle components, battery usage, engine data, fuel consumption, power/torque data, fault codes

Vehicle Usage data, such as brake usage, gear shifting, acceleration/deceleration, dashboard settings, power/torque utilization, technical data generated from the engine; the detection of road and ambient conditions data with time stamps and operating hours, safety systems activation (ABS, anti-roll systems, hard braking, hard cornering events, speed, seat belt usage, etc.), usage time, mileage or other odometer readings

Environmental data, such as road conditions, ambient conditions


If you are reasonably identifiable by us in connection with the Vehicle Data, we will treat the Vehicle Data as personal data in accordance with this privacy notice and applicable data protection laws.


The collection of Vehicle Data is not required by applicable law.  However, if we do not collect Vehicle Data, we may not be able to provide certain functions, features, or services in connection with your use or operation of a Volvo Vehicle.

VOLVO is constantly aiming to develop, manufacture and offer leading and innovative products and services. Through continuous evaluation and analysis of data from vehicles operating in the field, VOLVO is able to develop and enhance our products and services. Vehicle Data may be processed by VOLVO for a range of purposes including:

  • perform research and development to enhance and maintain the current products, services and to develop new products and services; 
  • determine road qualities, types and conditions and to understand outer environmental effects of the vehicles based on position of the vehicle;
  • solve quality issues on vehicles; 
  • perform accident research investigations; 
  • manage warranty;
  • manage product liability claims; 
  • perform contract or regulatory compliance surveillance, including in respect of repossession & recovery on default, contractual restrictions such as geographical use, time or mileage, and compliance with trade sanctions and other regulatory requirements; and
  • perform proactive maintenance and diagnostics;  
  • provide advice to customers on products and services which might be suitable to them, having regard to the performance and use of their vehicles; and
  • other purposes reasonably necessary for one or more of VOLVO’s business functions or activities, including data analytics for routine business purposes including any of the purposes noted above.

VOLVO may obtain Vehicle Data (including any of your personal data comprised within the Vehicle Data) from the Volvo Vehicle either interactively over the wireless network (via e.g. the telematics gateway) or through the use of diagnostic tools, e.g. Tech Tool via cable.  


In addition to the above, Volvo may obtain certain additional data from your employer, or from you if you have manually entered personal data in connection with your use of a Volvo Vehicle (e.g. dashboard settings such as language preferences, radio preferences, seat inclination settings).

VOLVO may share your personal data with Volvo Group companies, including Volvo Group companies outside of Australia.  VOLVO may also share your personal data with third parties, including third parties located outside of Australia, if necessary to fulfill the purposes for processing the personal data or any reasonably expected secondary purposes, or where required or authorised by applicable law or regulation. Such third parties may include:

  • Independent dealers, such as Volvo Group’s private dealers for the purposes of managing and developing the business relationship with a customer or a customer lead;

    Professional advisors such as insurers, lawyers and other professional advisors in connection with insurance claims, audits and the receipt of advisory services.

    Counterparties and their advisors, such as in connection with business transactions and other projects or collaborations (including merger and acquisition projects).

    Emergency service providers, such as the police, fire brigade, ambulance and roadside assistance to protect the vital interest of you and other such as in connection with emergency assistance.

    Law enforcement, regulatory authorities and other public and judicial bodies in connection with legal obligations such as court orders or legal reporting requirements or if considered necessary in exceptional cases to protect the vital interest of you or others.

VOLVO will take reasonable steps to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place which provide adequate levels of protection of your personal data as required by applicable data protection laws when sharing your personal data with Volvo Group companies or third parties. For example, this may include the use of intercompany or external data processing agreements or other mechanisms in compliance with applicable data protection laws.

VOLVO will take reasonable steps to protect your personal data from misuse, interference and loss, as well as unauthorized access, modification or disclosure, including by storing your personal data in an environment protected by a combination of physical and technological security measures.  Your personal data may be held and processed in Australia, or in other jurisdictions outside of Australia where Volvo Group companies or their third party suppliers or business partners operate.  Although it is not reasonably practicable to list all the jurisdictions outside of Australia in which your personal data may be processed, such jurisdictions may include Sweden, the US, France, China, Brazil, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

When your personal data is no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected, unless otherwise required or authorised by applicable law, VOLVO will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify your personal data.  Unless shorter retention times apply due to legal or contractual obligations, Vehicle Data connected to a certain Volvo Vehicle may be processed for the entire expected life of the Volvo Vehicle type, which could be up to 25 years. 

You have the right to request from VOLVO information about your personal data processed by VOLVO and access to such personal data. You also have a right to request correction of your personal data if it is incorrect.

If you would like to request access to, or correction of, your personal data, or have queries or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact VOLVO’s data protection officer at:


Address:           41 Bivouac Place, Wacol Qld 4076

Telephone:        +61 7 3718 3500

If we fail to adequately address your complaint within 30 days, you may lodge a complaint with the Australian Information Commissioner (telephone: +61 1300 363 992 or email