Every minute counts

When it comes to your uptime, we know that every minute counts. That’s why we’re committed to providing industry-leading support that keeps your truck on the road and maximizes your fleet’s productivity.

Discover what our Uptime services can do for you. Whether it’s preventing unplanned stops with Uptime services like Real Time Monitoring, Battery Pack Monitoring, and Tire Monitoring, or fast roadside assistance, 24 7, from Volvo Action Service. Every day, we’re setting new standards in truck uptime – all to keep your business moving.

Key benefits

Predict and prevent unplanned stops.

Ensure the health of your electric truck’s batteries.

Avoid tire-related issues.

Receive 24/7 roadside assistance.

Get a service plan based on the real use of your truck.

Benefit from towing assistance*.

*when included in service contract

Learn more about Uptime services below. Contact your local dealer for more information.

Featured Uptime services

Volvo Action Service

If an unplanned stop occurs, help is available 24/7 across Australia through our roadside assistance service, Volvo Action Service. The driver can simply call or press the VAS button in the cab to be connected instantly with an operator. With the support of our vast network of towing partners and authorized workshops, we’ll get the truck back on the road as soon as possible.

Volvo Action Service

Connected Service Planning

Connected Service Planning gives you an optimized service schedule made possible by a 24/7 connection to your vehicle. We remotely check certain components for wear and tear and proactively follow up with you, fine-tuning your service schedule as needed. Connected Service Planning is included in all Service Contracts.

Service Planning 

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring* is a service for heavy-duty trucks that is used to predict and prevent unplanned stops. Using your truck’s connectivity, Real Time Monitoring lets us track several critical components, including an electric truck’s batteries, 24/7. Any alerts are communicated to your home dealer so that immediate preventive action can be taken.

*Not available on all models

Volvo Service Contracts

8 Hour Commitment

If you experience an unplanned stop, we promise to have you back on the road ASAP. From the moment you log the stop with Volvo Action Service, the clock starts. If it takes longer than 8 hours, we start compensating you. 

Volvo Service Contracts

Volvo Towing Assistance

Volvo Towing Assistance* covers the costs of towing, whenever it’s needed. For even more peace of mind.

* when included in service contract

Volvo Service Contracts

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