Volvo Dynamic Steering

A unique steering assist that relieves the strain while adding stability to your driving. Volvo Dynamic Steering improves control at all speeds, provides active steering to your driver support systems and boosts your safety. The system also gives you the option of driving your truck with a remote control. 

Stable and effortless on course

Volvo Dynamic Steering keeps the truck stable at high speeds and makes steering easier when driving slow. It combines conventional hydraulic power steering with an electric motor fitted to the steering gear – as well as sensors detecting the truck movements and the driver’s intention. The motor is controlled 2000 times per second and instantly provides extra steering torque when needed.

Straight and steady forward

When braking on an uneven surface, there’s no need to make course corrections if your truck is equipped with Volvo Dynamic Steering. It also filters out kicks from potholes, road ruts and markings – as well as balancing the impact of strong side winds and letting the driver loosen the grip on the steering wheel.

Precise reversing with ease

The system even takes the strain out of reversing a fully loaded truck and returns the wheel to neutral automatically. You can reverse as far as you want without drifting off course.

Pilot Assist

Unintentional lane changes or deviations from the course could result in accidents. Volvo Dynamic Steering with Pilot Assist uses the camera in the cab front to read the lane markings. The system is proactive and helps you follow the lane, applying active steering support to guide you and help keep the continuous course.

Lane Keeping Assist

Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist helps you stay in your lane. If the system detects that your truck is approaching the lane markings, it actively helps you back into the center of the lane.

Stability Assist

Volvo Dynamic Steering with Stability Assist is designed to detect if the truck starts to skid. It then immediately counter steers the truck to stabilize the vehicle combination and avert the situation.

Steer with a remote control

Volvo Dynamic Steering can be connected with remote steering. Ideal when you need to make small, repetitive movements with your truck when working outside the cab. It boosts productivity, safety and comfort.

Your personal settings

Personal Settings put you in charge. You set the steering wheel resistance to suit the driving conditions and your preferences. Either you choose a predefined setting or a fully customized one. The result? You get exactly the driving experience you want.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

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