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Software Upgrades

Boost your truck’s power, efficiency and performance. From reducing emissions and saving fuel to increasing driver safety and enhancing connectivity, our software upgrades unlock the true potential of your truck. 

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Remote software download

Enhanced connectivity makes it easier to perform software downloads remotely, reducing the need for your truck to visit the workshop. The new software is downloaded and stored in the truck until the driver finds a suitable time for the installation. Selected Volvo Software Accessories can also be downloaded remotely for easy and convenient upgrades. 

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Upgrade your I-Shift

Smoother gear changing. Reduced maintenance costs. Increased fuel efficiency. Better productivity. In recent years, Volvo I-Shift has become the industry benchmark when it comes to automated transmission.

It is also possible to upgrade I-Shift software to suit your transport assignments. Take a look here at the various options, designed to make your business run ever more efficiently.

A smart driveline made even smarter

When we built your truck, we optimized your I-Shift software for a specific transport application. Have your transport assignments changed since then? Or have you found a used truck with the perfect specifications for your needs, apart from the I-Shift software?

No worries. We can simply upgrade your I-Shift software to match your needs. You’ll improve your productivity, save fuel, and reduce the wear on driveline components.

How do I upgrade?

The only thing needed to optimise your I-Shift is a visit to your Volvo dealer. Here, we upgrade your I-Shift software to fit your transport assignments. The software is matched to your engine’s exhaust emissions certifications and the version of your I-Shift hardware.

Some of the benefits of upgrading:

  • Improved performance
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • More comfortable driving
  • Reduced wear on driveline components
A Volvo service technician holds a computer as she stands next to a truck

What software should I choose?

Which software package suits your transport assignment? Here is an overview of the packages available – note that for older versions of I-Shift, some of the software packages are combined.

Volvo I-shift upgrade software basic global

Basic (TP-BAS)

This is the standard software package supplied with I-Shift. The package includes the gearbox’s basic functions for all-round driving.

Volvo I-shift upgrade software distribution global

Distribution (TP-DIST)

Adapts the gearbox’s function to the specific conditions in the distribution segment. The software package includes functions that aid manoeuvrability when starting off from standstill, in close-quarter manoeuvring, and when driving at low speed.

Volvo I-shift upgrade software construction global

Construction (TP-CON)

Functions suited for the specific conditions in the construction segment. Designed to handle tougher road conditions and aid manoeuvrability when starting off from standstill, in close-quarter manoeuvring, and driving at low speed.

Volvo I-shift upgrade software long haul global

Long haul (TP-LONG)

Includes intelligent functions that minimise fuel consumption. This software package is ideal for long-haul operations where strong emphasis is placed on fuel economy. This package includes the I-Roll function on some I-Shift versions.

Volvo I-shift upgrade software heavy duty transport global

Heavy-duty transport (TP-HD)

Optimises I-Shift for heavy-duty transport with high gross combination weights (>85 tonnes). Regardless of the gross combination weight, the driver can always optimise driveability by selecting or deactivating the heavy-duty mode, and activating the long haul mode. The functions in the software package also offer benefits for trucks hauling multiple trailers.

Volvo I-shift upgrade software crawler gear global

Crawler gears

Adapts the functionality in the I-Shift with crawler gears to specific needs. The software packages include functions like ultra-low crawler gears, and multi speed reverse gears. The packages are only available for trucks equipped with the I-Shift with crawler gears.

I-Shift transmission system

Geared for efficiency

Negotiating urban environments is easier with I-Shift – our intelligent transmission system. Fast, smooth, quiet and a pleasure to drive, I-Shift optimizes every gearshift – boosting fuel efficiency and increasing driver productivity.

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