I-See understands your routes to save you fuel.

I-See By Volvo Trucks

Understands your routes to save you fuel

Do you know how to optimise speed and gear changes for the topography of your routes to save fuel? I-See knows, and its knowledge is based on data. It can help you substantially bring down fuel consumption from day one.

How I-See saves you fuel

I-See uses GPS coordinates, shares topography data through a central data storage. Thus, it is enough that one connected vehicle has driven the route, for all connected vehicles to be able to utilize the information and optimize their driving when they then traveling the same route. When the vehicle operates outside GSM network coverage the I-See functionality will still function but using locally stored topography data.

Always supported, even when on the move

I-See primarily uses shared data – stored in the cloud. And if needed, the system uses locally stored data. This means you’ll always have access to topography data, have a smoother driving experience.

I see illustration of actions
  1. Builds momentum
    I-See knows a hill is ahead, so the truck accelerates and remains in a higher gear for longer.
  2. Avoids downshifting
    By preventing needless gear changes, I-See makes your uphill climb smoother and more fuel-efficient.
  3. Curbs speed at the crest
    When the downhill is approaching, I-See stops accelerating unnecessarily.
  4. Coasts before the downhill
    To save energy and minimize braking, I-See temporarily either disengages the powertrain or engine brakes just before a downhill slope.
  5. Controls downhill braking
    I-See knows where one slope ends and where the next begins, and applies the brakes as needed, for maximum efficiency.
  6. Prepares for the next hill climb
    If you’re about to go uphill again, I-See lets the truck coast, building speed and momentum for an effortless climb.

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We can cut our fuel consumption.