Driver support systems

Traffic environments can be an intense interaction between drivers and other road users. In a Volvo truck, the driver has access to a range of support systems to help avoid accidents. Read more below or consult a dealer if you have any questions.

Safety for drivers and other road users

Our systems are designed to support drivers in improving safety in a wide spectrum of situations – whether going at high speed on the highway, driving slowly in city traffic or at a standstill with other road users in close proximity.

    Truck and driver in shape

    An alert driver and a truck in good shape is a good start for driving safely. Tire Pressure Monitoring System keeps track of the pressure in every tire of the vehicle combination – and alerts about low air pressure, fast leakage, or high temperature. It provides enhanced protection against accidents caused by blown tires. Driver Alert Support detects signs of drowsy or inattentive driving. If detected, the driver is alerted and advised to take a break. All for safety.

    Better view for everyone

    The driver's direct vision is a valuable asset for driving safely. Adaptive High Beam is engineered to detect other vehicles in front of the truck, enabling driving in dark conditions with the high beam on when it would otherwise be unsuitable. The feature changes the light beam dynamically to provide optimized illumination without disturbing drivers of other vehicles, which improves safety for both the truck driver and other road users.

    Secure the safety margin

    At high speed, distance equals safety margins. Collision Warning with Emergency Brake is designed to detect vehicles ahead as well as pedestrians and cyclists approaching from the sides or moving in the same direction as the truck, and alert the driver if there's a certain risk of collision. If the driver doesn't take action and the risk remains, the truck automatically brakes to avoid a collision. Adaptive Cruise Control adapts the speed to maintain a safe distance to the vehicle ahead by automatically accelerating and braking. It works all the way from cruising at full speed down to a full stop – and then automatically starts again when the traffic keeps going. Adding both comfort and safety to highway driving.

    Manage the trailer weight

    Driving downhill with a trailer on a slippery surface could result in the trailer pushing the truck and causing a jack-knife effect, increasing the risk of an accident. Stretch brake can help prevent that by applying braking pulses to the trailer, which stretches out the vehicle combination to improve road safety.

    See what's hidden

    Pedestrians and cyclists can get close to trucks in a city environment, and it can be difficult for drivers to see what's going on up close. The passenger corner camera uncovers hidden angles and gives an excellent view of the areas on the passenger side. It's automatically triggered by the turning indicator and the camera view is projected onto the side display.

    Reverse with confidence

    The rear camera offers an excellent field of view behind the truck, and assists the driver in getting more control over the surroundings. It is automatically activated when the reverse gear is engaged, and the camera view is presented in the side display. The ease of use makes reversing more convenient.

    Clear view ahead

    Front Short Range Assist uses the front radar to detect and alert the driver about road users in the risk area in front of the truck at standstill and at speeds up to 10 km/h. If the system detects a road user in the risk area in front of the truck, the driver will be informed. If the risk for a collision increases, there will also be an audible warning.

    On the safe side

    Making a turn or changing lanes can be risky. Side Collision Avoidance Support uses radar sensors on the sides of the truck to detect pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles. Legal demands only require coverage on the passenger side, but our system covers both sides for further improved road safety. The driver is informed via a light signal in the side mirror when a road user is detected in the monitored area. Should the driver activate the turning indicator, the system warns with a flashing light and sound. If the truck is equipped with Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist, there's also active steering guidance.

    Mind the doors

    Pedestrians and cyclists can appear out of nowhere and can be hard to detect when in close-proximity of the truck. Door Opening Warning uses radar sensors to scan both sides of the truck to detect and warn the driver and the passenger of other road users in the risk areas, when opening any of the cab doors. The system warns up to two minutes after the ignition has been switched off.

    Stop and go made easy

    Driving safely with frequent starts and stops can be a challenge. Auto Hold is designed to make stop and go driving more convenient and safer. It automatically applies the brakes to hold the truck in position until the driver pushes the accelerator. It works in forward and reverse – uphill, downhill and on flat surfaces.

    Getting the grip

    Good traction is necessary to avoid skidding and drive safely. Active Grip Control is designed to control wheel spin and improve safety and comfort. If the system detects signs of skidding, it activates instantly to help the driver to stay on the road by improving handling, brake performance and stability.

    Quiet but noticed

    Our electric trucks are nearly silent. It's positive for the driver's working environment as well as the city environment, but it also makes electric trucks harder to notice. Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System generates sounds noticeable enough to make people close to the truck aware, still pleasant for the driver and other road users. Designed to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists without excessive noise.




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