Employee Privacy Notice

Personal Data notice

This notice provides information on VOLVO’s processing of your personal data.

Volvo Group Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 27 000 761 259) or another Volvo Group company that you are employed by (“VOLVO”) is the controller of the personal data that VOLVO obtains from you and the other sources described below. Controller means that it is VOLVO that decides on the purpose and means for the processing of your personal data. VOLVO is responsible for the processing of your personal data under applicable data protection laws and regulations. VOLVO’s processing of your personal data is necessary with regard to your employment at VOLVO. If you have questions regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact VOLVO’s data protection officer.

Please note that a request for rectification related to an ordinary HR change/update, for example change of name/-s due to marriage or change of home address due to relocation, should follow the standard routines for HR data updates. Information about applicable routines are found on Employee Center on Violin, or such other system used by VOLVO from time to time. You can also connect with HR Services or your manager for support.

VOLVO may process a range of personal data, including as described in the categories of personal data listed below. Please note that VOLVO may not necessarily process all the personal data listed below, and that the examples listed under each category are not exhaustive.

Individual data, such as name, date of birth, social security number (or equivalent), gender, nationality, preferred language, marital status, photo

Organizational data, such as employee number, job description, position, place of work, business unit, department, manager, direct reports

Contact data, such as work address, home address, email, telephone number

Compensation and benefits data, such as salary, salary reviews, tax deductions, pension information, bank account details

Employment administration data, such as employment contract and other agreements between you and VOLVO, applications or other forms regarding e.g. parental leave, information about hiring date and termination date

Time data, such as working hours, worked time, vacation, leaves of absence (parental leave, sick leave etc.)

Union membership data, if applicable and relevant

Security data, such as access cards, access rights and use of access cards and access rights

Health and safety data, such as information about vaccination status, sick-leave, rehabilitation plans, work related incidents, health examinations

Manufacturing/repair/service data, such as tracking and logging of activities undertaken by you in connection with manufacturing, maintenance, repair or service on vehicles

Performance and evaluation data, such as evaluations, assessments and disciplinary records, if any

Competence data, such as learning records and training activities

Travel administration data, such as information on business trips, booking details, passport number, company credit card number, travel invoices and allowances

Help desk and support data, such as questions from you/your manager/HR relating to your employment or IT-equipment or support provided to you in relation to the same

IT-related data, such as user-ID, passwords, log-in details as well as data and logs about your use of VOLVO’s IT equipment, application or services, as per VOLVO’s IT policies, as applicable from time to time

It is specifically noted that some personal data, such as union membership and some aspects of health and safety data; may be regarded as Sensitive Data (including “sensitive information”, “sensitive data” or “special category data” under applicable data protection laws) and shall only be collected and processed with your consent, and handled with extra care in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

Please also note that certain vehicle generated data (for example vehicle/chassis number, signals etc) are automatically generated when you use a Volvo-owned product, for example a truck. Refer to our privacy notice for Operators and Drivers for more information. Please note that this section does not refer to company cars

VOLVO may also process limited amount of personal data (name and contact details) of persons indicated by you as persons to be contacted by VOLVO in case of emergency. In some countries, next of kin data may also be processed for certain purposes relating to benefits and/or labour law requirements.

VOLVO will process your personal data for a range of purposes, including the purposes listed below.  Please note that the examples listed under each purpose are not exhaustive. 

Legal obligation. Example, VOLVO may be obliged by law to report your income to tax authority.

Contractual obligation. Example, VOLVO must process your personal data to be able to pay your contractually agreed salary.

Legitimate interest. VOLVO’s legitimate interest is normally to manage its daily operations, secure its facilities and equipment and keep internal control, or other purposes reasonably necessary for one or more of VOLVO’s functions or activities. Example, VOLVO needs to process certain personal data to enable administration of your business-related travels where VOLVO’s legitimate interest is to manage its daily operations; or VOLVO needs to process certain personal data to review the status of its IT-equipment where VOLVO’s legitimate interest is to secure its equipment.


Enabling registration of you in VOLVO’s systems and general administration of your employment with VOLVO

Enabling proper license usage

Enabling keeping an up-to-date organization chart and record of employees, including production of internal reports and statistics

Enabling payment of salary, pension and other benefits to you, as well as reviews of salary, including production of internal reports and statistics

Enabling follow-up on projects


Enabling reporting to authorities, as required by law, such as tax agency

Enabling keeping track of your working time/leaves of absences/vacations, for remuneration as well as invoicing purposes

Labour law requirement

Enabling fulfillment of VOLVO’s obligations as per collective bargaining agreements with unions or by labour law

Work environment and product safety

Enabling fulfillment of VOLVO’s obligations to provide a safe work environment, including control and prevention of unauthorized access to VOLVO’s premises or equipment and other work environment obligations as set out by work environment or labour laws, or to otherwise implement measures VOLVO determines reasonably necessary to provide a safe work environment, including in relation to viruses, epidemics or pandemics.

Enabling fulfillment of VOLVO’s obligations related to product safety and quality

Employee development

Enabling activities regarding competence development/improvement as well as performance evaluations and assessments

Enabling and suggesting learning and training activities

Employee work related activities

Enabling the performance of your work tasks, such as writing emails, establishing documents, reports, presentations, drawings etc.

Enabling business travels

Enabling answering questions from you/your manager/HR regarding your employment or IT-equipment/services or provision of support necessary for the performance of your work tasks

Enabling follow-up of VOLVO’s policies, including Volvo Group Code of Conduct and VOLVO’s IT policies, as applicable from time to time, to ensure that such policies are adhered to and to investigate suspected prohibited activities

Research and development and solving quality issues

Enabling research and development activities related to Volvo products (e.g. trucks), involving the use of vehicle data generated when you have used a Volvo-owned product (see above)

Enabling solving quality issues related to Volvo products (e.g. trucks), involving the use of vehicle data when you have used a Volvo-owned product (see above).

VOLVO will primarily obtain your personal data from yourself, your manager or HR or other third party to whom you have directed us to obtain your personal data. Some personal data might also be automatically generated from VOLVO’s IT-system, or equivalent, for example when creating your user-id to VOLVO systems.

VOLVO will take reasonable steps to protect your personal data from misuse, interference and loss, as well as unauthorized access, modification or disclosure, including by storing your personal data in an environment protected by a combination of physical and technological security measures.  Your personal data may be held and processed in Australia, or in other jurisdictions outside of Australia where Volvo Group companies or their third party suppliers or business partners operate.  Although it is not reasonably practicable to list all the jurisdictions outside of Australia in which your personal data may be processed, such jurisdictions may include Sweden, the US, France, China, India, Brazil, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

VOLVO may share your personal data with the Volvo Group companies, including Volvo Group companies located outside of Australia. VOLVO may also share your personal data with third parties, including third parties located outside of Australia, if necessary to fulfill the purpose for processing the personal data or any reasonably expected secondary purposes, or where required or authorised by applicable law or regulation. Such third parties may include:

  • Independent dealers, such as Volvo Group’s private dealers for the purposes of managing and developing the business relationship with a customer or a customer lead;

    Professional advisors such as insurers, lawyers and other professional advisors in connection with insurance claims, audits and the receipt of advisory services.

    Counterparties and their advisors, such as in connection with business transactions and other projects or collaborations (including merger and acquisition projects).

    Emergency service providers, such as the police, fire brigade, ambulance and roadside assistance to protect the vital interest of you and other such as in connection with emergency assistance.

    Law enforcement, regulatory authorities and other public and judicial bodies in connection with legal obligations such as court orders or legal reporting requirements or if considered necessary in exceptional cases to protect the vital interest of you or others.

VOLVO will take reasonable steps to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place which provide adequate levels of protection of your personal data as required by applicable data protection laws when sharing your personal data with Volvo Group companies or third parties. For example, this may include the use of intercompany or external data processing agreements or such other mechanisms in compliance with applicable data protection laws.  

If you have questions about how we share your personal data, please contact VOLVO’s data protection officer.

VOLVO will normally keep your personal data during your employment. After your employment has ended, VOLVO will only keep the personal data deemed necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was collected and only up and until such purpose has been fulfilled or, if later, for such time as may be required to comply with local legal, tax or benefits obligations or to satisfy any legal requirements in the event of an actual, threatened or anticipated dispute or claim.

You have the right to request access to your personal data, and to request that we correct any of your personal data that we hold if it is incorrect.  

If you would like to request access to, or correction of, your personal data, or have queries or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact VOLVO’s data protection officer at:


Address:           41 Bivouac Place, Wacol Qld 4076

Telephone:        +61 7 3718 3500

If we fail to adequately address your complaint within 30 days, you may lodge a complaint with the Australian Information Commissioner (telephone: +61 1300 363 992 or email