Range & Route

Range & Route is a powerful route-planning and range-simulation tool for electric trucks. Available with Volvo Connect, the service lets you simulate the truckʼs route and get a prediction on its range and energy use. This enables you to ensure that the truck will have enough electricity to complete its task – so you can plan transport assignments with confidence. 

Many factors influence an electric truckʼs range. These include the truckʼs specification, the size of the payload, the temperature outdoors, the routeʼs topography, and whether the truck is equipped with special energyconsuming machinery such as a trash compactor. Understanding the total impact of these factors on a truckʼs range can be a challenge, but Range & Route does the calculations for you automatically. This makes it easier to manage your fleet and helps you maximize the efficiency of your electric trucks.

Key benefits

Simulate the truckʼs route.

Predict energy use and range.

Add charging stops.

Send route to truckʼs onboard navigation.

Ensure the plan is followed.

Support for all electric trucks.

Learn more about Range & Route below. You can also visit Volvo Connect Marketplace or contact your dealer for more information.

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