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Tipper or tanker? Crane or car transporter? Perhaps a box van or fire truck? No matter what application you need, the Volvo chassis is ready for it. The flexible chassis and long list of specification options, make it easy to tailor the truck to your exact requirements.

When you order your Volvo truck, we give the bodybuilder instant access to the Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions (VBI) online portal. Precise 3D drawings allow them to start work while we build the truck, which arrives from the factory perfectly prepped, saving unnecessary reconstruction work. This means your truck is delivered faster, more cost-effectively and is ready to work.

Bodybuilding features

Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions (VBI)
Accessible 24/7 and available in 12 languages, the VBI is an essential resource for bodybuilders and workshops. Superstructure instructions include chassis drawings, wiring diagrams, data sheets and accessories.

Power take-offs
There are a wide range of clutch-independent and clutch-dependent power take-offs available, to drive all sorts of body equipment.

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Straight frame
The Volvo frame is completely straight and parallel behind the cab, making the bodybuilder’s job a whole lot easier..

Bodybuilder’s area
Our engineers never place anything above the top of the frame. This area belongs entirely to the bodybuilder, adding a lot of flexibility.

Dedicated holes
The frame comes with an upper row of holes designated for the superstructure. Since we don’t use any rivets, the bodybuilder can easily attach equipment.

Specification options

Lots of possible combinations make a truck easier to tailor. That’s why we offer a broad range of options for axle configurations, chassis heights and wheelbases.

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Two frame heights
Choose a 266 mm or 300 mm frame to match the demands of your superstructure.

Bodybuilder module
This makes it easy for the bodybuilder to tap into the truck’s electrical system to tailor functions. The bodybuilder module is conveniently accessed through flexible dashboard switches and the Work Remote.

Extra reinforcements
Some heavy applications put a lot of pressure on the frame. Therefore, we offer a wide range of choices of inner liners, to provide all the reinforcement you need.

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