Ready for a versatile, hard-working truck? Then don’t miss out on this opportunity. You can look forward to a modern, high-performing classic – tailored exactly to your needs and preferences. Sales end soon – so order your Volvo FM Classic today!

Catch your Volvo FM Classic

Exterior design

Built for the road. At home on any city street. The Volvo FM Classic’s aerodynamic lines and soft curves give it a confident, yet friendly look. It’s bold. It’s urban. It’s every inch a Volvo.

Interior design

Every component and every conceivable space has been meticulously designed to make you more comfortable – whether you’re behind the wheel, resting or sound asleep in the bunk.

Volvo FM Classic highlights

Volvo Dynamic Steering

The most significant innovation since power steering. Enjoy effortless manoeuvring with extreme precision.


The world’s most intelligent gearbox. Easy to drive and packed with fuel-saving software. And, inspired by the world of motor racing, the Dual Clutch version: the first of its kind for heavy trucks. As simple as it is brilliant.

Bodybuilding interface

Save time and money at the bodybuilders with innovative chassis features.

Driver Support Systems

Your safety is our priority. Our advanced driver support systems help reduce accidents.


A cruise control that plans ahead. Our latest addition to the I-Shift software is revolutionary, and it’ll save you up to 5% fuel.

Lightweight trucks

Are you looking for low vehicle weight to increase your payload and boost your productivity? Take a look at our lightweight trucks.

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Volvo FM Classic cab options



D11K330 (243 kW)


Max power at 1600-1900 r/min

330 hp

Max torque at 950-1400 r/min

1600 Nm

D11K380 (280 kW)


Max power at 1700-1800 r/min

380 hp

Max torque at 950-1400 r/min

1800 Nm

D11K430 (316 kW)


Max power at 1700-1800 r/min

430 hp

Max torque at 1000-1400 r/min

2050 Nm

D11K460 (338 kW)


Max power at 1700-1800 r/min

460 hp

Max torque at 1050-1400 r/min

2200 Nm

D13K420 (309 kW)


Max power at 1400-1800 r/min

420 hp

Max torque at 860-1400 r/min

2100 Nm

D13K460 (338 kW)


Max power at 1400-1800 r/min

460 hp

Max torque at 900-1400 r/min

2300 Nm

D13K500 (368 kW)


Max power at 1400-1800 r/min

500 hp

Max torque at 980-1270 r/min

2500 Nm



G13C420 (309 kW)


Max power at 1400–1800 r/min

420 hp

Max torque at 1000–1400 r/min

2100 Nm

G13C460 (338 kW)


Max power at 1700–1800 r/min

460 hp

Max torque at 1050–1400 r/min

2300 Nm

For more details, look at the specifications for the new Volvo FM. They are very similar, but not identical. For full specifications on the Volvo FM Classic, please contact your dealer.

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