Catch your Volvo FH Classic

Want a premium long-haul experience? Then don’t miss out on this opportunity. You can look forward to a modern, high-performing classic – tailored exactly to your needs and preferences. Sales end soon – so order your Volvo FH Classic today!

Premium thinking


The key to profitability is total cost of ownership. With the right truck, the right services and the right support network, you drive profitability.

We design and engineer every truck and every service to reduce your fuel costs, improve uptime and increase your productivity. Our unmatched customer support comes as standard – from the first mile, to the last.

Exterior design

Bold, sweeping lines and dynamic, aero-led curves give the Volvo FH Classic its distinctive, purposeful stance. Redesigned from the ground up, yet unmistakably a Volvo, the truck’s design celebrates the driver. And drives profitability for your fleet.

Interior design

Space. Clutter-free surfaces. And corner-to-corner quality. The interior of the Volvo FH Classic cab feels light, airy and distinctly Swedish. It also offers lots of space for your stuff and high levels of comfort and refinement.

Volvo FH Classic highlights

Volvo Torque Assist

The Volvo Torque Assist (option on D13 engines) provides the driver with enough torque to keep the actual speed and optimized vehicle acceleration, yet saving fuel.

Volvo Dynamic Steering

The most significant innovation since power steering. Enjoy effortless maneuvering with extreme precision.

Dual battery system

The dual battery system ensures a high on-board living comfort without compromising on startability.


The world’s most intelligent gearbox. Easy to drive and packed with fuel-saving software. And, inspired by the world of motor racing, the Dual Clutch version: the first of its kind for heavy trucks. As simple as it is brilliant.

Driver Support Systems

Your safety is our priority. Our advanced driver support systems help reduce accidents.


A cruise control that plans ahead. The I-See is revolutionary, and it’ll save you up to 5% fuel.

Services that support your business

Volvo FH Classic Cab Options



D13K420 (309 kW)


Max power at 1400-1800 r/min

420 hp

Max torque at 860-1400 r/min

2100 Nm

D13K460 (338 kW)


Max power at 1400-1800 r/min

460 hp

Max torque at 900-1400 r/min

2300 Nm 

D13K460TC (338 kW) I-Save


Max power at 1250-1600 r/min

460 hp

Max torque at 900-1250 r/min

2600 Nm

D13K500 (368 kW)


Max power at 1400-1800 r/min

500 hp

Max torque at 980-1270 r/min

2500 Nm

D13K500TC (368 kW) I-Save


Max power at 1250-1600 r/min

500 hp

Max torque at 900-1250 r/min

2800 Nm

D13K540 (397 kW)


Max power at 1450-1800 r/min

540 hp

Max torque at 1000-1460 r/min

2600 Nm



G13C420 (309 kW)


Max power at 1400-1800 r/min

420 hp

Max torque at 1000-1400 r/min

2100 Nm

G13C460 (338 kW)


Max power at 1700-1800 r/min

460 hp

Max torque at 1050-1400 r/min

2300 Nm

For more details, look at the specifications for the new Volvo FH. They are very similar, but not identical. For full specifications on the Volvo FH Classic, please contact your dealer.


Have questions? Want to talk to someone about your future truck? Or do you know you’re ready to upgrade to the new Volvo FH?