Tyre Management service

Tyre Management Service

Get the most out of your tires and maximize your time on the road. Volvo’s Tire Management Service includes an advanced tire alert system that helps you predict and avoid tire-related incidents. A one-stop service flow keeps your truck and tires in great condition and minimizes time spent in the workshop. And our dedicated support will guide you to the optimal tire economy.

Tire alert system

This connectivity-based technology enables you to keep a constant eye on both truck and trailer tires. Sensors mounted in the wheels register pressure and temperature around the clock, and convey the data to both driver and home office.

One-stop service flow

Our one-stop service flow allows you to perform a comprehensive health check on your truck and tires in one fast-moving procedure. Apart from providing you with high-quality maintenance, it also saves time spent in the workshop and reduces the number of visits needed.

7-second tread scan

This unique laser-based technology provides exact tread depth data for all your tires in no time. It scans four wheels in just seven seconds, and offers an astonishing measurement accuracy of one-tenth of a millimeter.

A comprehensive health check of your truck and tires

Tire support

We help you choose the tires that optimize your tire economy and minimize your fuel consumption, given your specific truck and operation. We can also help you save time and space by storing your tires during summer and winter.

Approved for ADR transport

If you transport dangerous goods, you can rest assured that our tire alert system is ATEX certified and approved for ADR transports. This adds another dimension of safety and environmental care within the transport industry.

Save time, tyres and money

Time-saving maintenance

Having all maintenance carried out at one single place saves workshop visits and valuable time. So does our efficient state-of-the-art service method.

A truck in top condition

Our high-quality maintenance safeguards your truck’s performance and value. It improves your uptime and keeps your operation safer.

Reduced costs for tyre and fuel

The right tires and preventive maintenance, including correct wheel alignment, enable you to maximize both fuel efficiency and tread lifetime.

Convenience and less administration

With only one workshop to visit, only one contact to call and only one invoice to handle your maintenance becomes much easier and more efficient.

Less risk of unpleasant surprises

Our preventive maintenance enables you to act on risks before they turn into problems. It minimises the risk of stand-stills, repairs and unexpected costs.

Improved cost control

Your operational costs become more predictable. You pay a fixed price per kilometer and our preventive care minimizes the risk of unforeseen repairs.

Genuine Volvo Service

Genuine Volvo Service

Have your truck maintained by the most skilled technicians in the most modern workshop using the most appropriate tools and parts.

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