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Let us do the hard work

Your personal fuel coach does the hard work for you. They analyse driving techniques and point out areas where driving behaviour can be improved – and sustainable savings made. Advice is received regularly by email, and can be used to make better operational decisions in real-time.

Showing you where the savings are

How much can you save?

A truck covering 140,000km a year can cut fuel costs by €2,500 with support from fuel advice. With a monthly service fee of €20 per truck, it’s money well spent.

The web-based Toolbox

Additional support

Fuel Advice comes with access to the Toolbox – an inspirational web-based resource that helps you deliver sustainable savings. The Toolbox includes guides for motivating drivers, advice on reaching your goals and tools to help share your results. There’s also research on the latest fuel-saving techniques.


Ready to save?

If you’ve got Dynafleet in your truck you’re all set. If not, we can retrofit it for you. Contact your Volvo Trucks dealer to get started.

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