Truck Fleet Management and Services to make the most of your business

Optimised business

Today’s access to truck and fleet data gives you the opportunity to optimise your operation like never before. With our connected services your daily operation will be more efficient and profitable. This will give you the peace of mind to focus on what’s really important- taking care of your customers.

We offer tailor made solutions for your specific needs; from managing your fleet and transports with Dynafleet, personalized advice for improving fuel efficiency with Fuel Advice, to easy access to all your digital services and data on Volvo Connect. 


Fuel Efficiency

Choose from a number of services to help increase your fuel efficiency and reputation for environmental care.


Through our connected services we can help you to keep your trucks on the road and available for work.


We can help you maximize payload and mileage for your fleet so you can stay competitive and profitable.

Why Fleet Management services

  • Improve the flow of information
  • Maximize uptime
  • Save fuel
  • Maximize payload and mileage
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Stay competitive 

Volvo Connect

Whether you drive your own truck or manage a fleet of them, now you can connect critical aspects of your business in completely new ways. At one place, with one log in and one view. Volvo Connect is the interface for your digital services. Think of it as your digital home for a more profitable transport operation.

Featured services


From finding the right part to repairing or servicing your truck, your local Volvo Trucks dealer is here to help. Give us a call – or better yet pay us a visit.