Putting you in touch with the truck

Staying in touch

Messaging makes sure you can always get in touch with the truck – no matter who's behind the wheel. The office and drivers communicate via text messages. Messages are easy to compose and are shown on the screen in the truck. A wireless keyboard helps drivers communicate when the truck isn’t moving.  

Integrates seamlessly with other systems

Integrate with other systems

The Messaging service seamlessly integrates with your ordering or invoicing systems, so all essential information can be handled on the same screen. This gives you greater control and makes it easier for the driver, as their work orders are clearly presented on the screen in the truck.

Screen can help reduce stress and increase productivity

Your screen’s potential

Your truck’s screen can deliver much more than messaging. Automatic notifications and driver training can reduce stress and increase driver productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Communication with drivers via text messages in Dynafleet, SMS or e-mail
  • Fast messaging. Supports the driver and helps them make informed decisions
  • Cost-effective communication with the complete fleet
  • On-board driver coaching available
Find your local dealer

Get the message

Your local Volvo Trucks dealer can help you set up the Messaging service. And explain the feature-rich screen options available in your truck.

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