Queensland Fire and Emergency Services goes electric, placing its first e-truck order with Volvo Group

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) has taken a significant step towards greener transportation, announcing it has placed its inaugural order of a heavy-duty electric truck from Volvo Group, the global leader in electrified heavy road transport.
electric truck

The ground-breaking order is for a Volvo 6x4 FMX Heavy Duty Electric Prime Mover (FMX Electric), which will carry out operational tasks under QFES’ logistics command.

QFES has also ordered a Volvo FMX 6x4 Prime Mover with the latest 13-litre Euro 6 technology. This vehicle will operate alongside the fully electric model to assess the performance and emissions benefits of running on fossil-fuel-free Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) against diesel.

Martin Merrick, President of Volvo Group Australia welcomed the transition of the QFES fleet to cleaner vehicles.

“Electric trucks will bring lower running costs and lower emissions while making our cities and urban environment a better place to live and work. We’re pleased to see QFES investing in its first order of safer and greener transport,” Mr Merrick said.

“No one can get to zero emissions on their own - we need to do it in partnership. Industry, government and other stakeholders all have a responsibility to work together to reduce emissions. Volvo is committed to partnering with Australian industry to decarbonise heavy transport. That’s evident in the world-leading electric trucks, technology and global experience we are making available to the Australian market,” he said. 

Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, the Honourable Mark Ryan said he was pleased to announce QFES’ first order of an electric truck from Volvo Group.

“QFES has a fleet of 500 heavy vehicles and the time is right to add electric trucks to the mix. I’m positive these vehicles will add tremendous value to the organisation, and I can’t wait to see them on the road,” he said.

“As well as reducing noise pollution and improving air quality, there’s also the financial benefit to Queensland taxpayers too, as electric trucks bring lower running costs.”

QFES Acting Commissioner, Mike Wassing said its logistics fleet was identified to trial the introduction of the electric heavy vehicle and the electric prime mover.

“That fleet has a pivotal part to play in QFES, ensuring operational crews are fully supported in a timely manner when undertaking critical logistics delivery runs,” he said.

“This a momentous occasion and a tremendous opportunity for QFES and the firefighters who can utilise these state-of-the-art vehicles.”

The vehicles being acquired by QFES will be used to measure the benefits of both fully electric heavy vehicles and the application of alternative fuels such as HVO to vehicles with the latest EURO 6 diesel engine technology, as they are operated within the QFES environment.

Both Volvo vehicles will operate under QFES command and provide operational logistics across Queensland regions. End-user feedback and real-time operational performance will be monitored with the support of Volvo Connect telematics.

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