Volvo Trucks Australia and Mack Trucks Australia feature in ‘Australian Makers’ video

On Wednesday the 11th of September, Volvo Group Australia was highlighted in a video series produced by Australian Made showcasing local manufacturing. Entitled ‘Australian Makers’, Volvo Group’s story focusses on their two truck brands manufactured in Australia from the Wacol, Brisbane, production facility: Volvo Trucks Australia and Mack Trucks Australia.
Volvo Trucks Australia feature in ‘Australian Makers’ video

Volvo Group Australia’s President & CEO Martin Merrick is the proud spokesperson for the two brands, highlighting the key facts and details behind the manufacturing process. Throughout the video, Martin explains why our local manufacturing capability is so important to our customers.

The video, which currently stands as one of the first five in the ‘Australian Makers’ series, stars two Volvo Group Australia trucks emblazoned with the Australian Made logo and colours: a Volvo FH and a Mack Trident. The trucks are seen in a number of iconic Australian locations including driving along the Great Ocean Road and in front of Sydney’s Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The certification of ‘Australian made’ has been granted to the entirety of Mack’s range: Super-Liner, Metro-Liner, Granite, Trident and Titan, while the certificate has been awarded to Volvo FH, FM and FMX Euro5 models. These trucks being Australian made is a point of pride for Volvo Group Australia, as more Australians turn to products locally manufactured. This is also a point of difference for our products, as we are able to customise our trucks to the owner’s needs.

Roy Morgan’s latest research indicates that 90% of Australian’s over the age of 14 are more likely to buy Australian made goods. This is due to consumers linking the location of manufacturing to the quality-assurance of the product, with Australian Made Volvo Group Australia trucks made locally no exception.

The ‘Australian Makers’ series marks another highlight for Mack Trucks’ storied history in Australia, coinciding with the 100 years celebrations currently taking place. With the first Mack arriving in Australia post-World War I in 1919, Mack Trucks Australia was founded in 1963 and has been building trucks in Queensland ever since.

In 1972 Volvo Trucks arrived in Australia establishing the production facility that would later become the current Wacol factory. Wacol currently supplies trucks for both Australia and New Zealand, as well as the Pacific Island area.

The local factory, supported by local engineers, ensures trucks are built for the unique, harsh Australian conditions, with intensive on-site testing ensuring they can stand the toughest of conditions. Together, over 65,000 Volvo and Mack Trucks have been manufactured at the factory, with over 90 local suppliers aiding in the building process as well as close to 600 dedicated employees.

Volvo Group Australia is incredibly proud of its Australian Made certification and is honoured to be featured in the ‘Australian Makers’ series. The quality assured through the Australian Made stamp cannot be underestimated, and those at Volvo Group are passionate to ensure the same quality is instilled into every truck.

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