From day one, Volvo Dynamic Steering has provided perfect stability at high speeds, total control at low speeds and reduced the strain on your muscles. Now, it also helps you avoid skidding and unintentional lane changes, lets you set the steering wheel preferences and even offers remote steering control.

Take the load off

Uncompromising surfaces. Difficult manoeuvres. Challenging conditions. Construction driving can hit your body – and your productivity – hard. Volvo Dynamic Steering makes it effortless. It provides steering assistance and compensates for disturbances, so you can drive safer and smarter. And clock off less tired.  

Volvo Dynamic Steering makes driving more relaxed and safe

The five differences you can feel

Smoother driving at high speed
At high speeds, disturbances are cancelled and potholes swallowed, for a smoother ride with fewer kicks and jolts.

Volvo Dynamic Steering means less strain on the driver’s shoulders

More power at low speed

85% additional steering force means you can sit back and steer a fully-loaded truck with just one finger.

Volvo Dynamic Steering produces more steering power

Easier reversing

Reversing is stable, straight and effortless, and the steering wheel automatically returns to neutral when you let go.

Volvo Dynamic Steering is less sensitive to crosswinds

Less sensitive to crosswinds

Disturbances caused by crosswinds are greatly reduced, making driving more comfortable.  

Volvo Dynamic Steering improves course on banked roads

Stability on banked roads

Volvo Dynamic Steering compensates for slanting, improving course stability on banked roads.  

Volvo Dynamic Steering gives powerful and predictable steering feel

How it works

We combined hydraulic steering with an electric motor that’s controlled 2,000 times per second. The resulting torque overlay gives you a powerful – and predictable – steering feel, whenever you need it.

Drive dynamic

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