The fuel-efficient Euro 6 Volvo diesel engines

Our most fuel efficient engines

Our engine range has been meticulously engineered to save fuel without compromising performance. We optimised the combustion chamber geometry. Designed vertical, centrally positioned unit injectors. Increased the gas-fill ratio…

We could go on (and on) about our technical achievements. What’s most important about these innovations is the difference they make to your bottom line. And to the environment.

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The fuel-efficient I-Shift gearbox

I-Shift – simple, dependable and very fuel efficient

I-Shift maximizes performance and efficiency by monitoring and responding to vehicle mass, road inclination, speed and acceleration. It reduces fuel consumption by up to 5% compared to a manual gearbox. And up to 7% when combined with I-Roll momentum technology. It’s also really easy to use.

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The right tyres and correctly aligned wheels can save fuel

Align your wheels. Inflate your savings

Using the right tyres, at the correct pressure and on correctly aligned wheels and axles, can reduce fuel consumption by up to 14%. Our studies across Europe show that two out of three trucks have incorrectly aligned axles and wheels. So there’s a lot to be gained for very little effort.

Dynafleet and driver training can save up to 7% on fuel

Discover data-driven power

Together, Dynafleet and driver training you can save you fuel.  

Dynafleet – track your fuel efficiency

Meet our intelligent fleet-management system. Follow the performance of your trucks and drivers in real time, view automatically generated fuel-efficiency rankings. Then make comparisons, spot trends and implement profitable, fuel-saving changes.

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Driver training – small changes, big savings

Our Efficient Driving course helps you get the most out of every drop of fuel. Part of our Volvo Trucks Driver Development programme, the proven systematic approach creates fuel-efficient driving patterns and sustainable, long-term savings – and is most effective in conjunction with Dynafleet reports.

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Air flow systems save fuel and cut emissions

Airflow package

An airflow package can improve your fuel economy. It reduces turbulence, minimises air resistance and deflects wind away from the trailer. As well as saving fuel and money, it also reduces CO2 emissions, which is great for the environment.


Start on the right foot

The key to fuel economy is getting it right from the start. Your Volvo Trucks dealer is a fuel saving expert. Why not ask for their help?

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