Easily specified chassis for every transport assignment

How flexible is it?

Very. Fuel tanks can go on either side. We can change the position of toolboxes, fuel and AdBlue tanks. The length of the rear frame can be adjusted in 50mm increments. We offer an extensive range of wheelbases. And we can tailor all of it at the factory to meet your exact specifications.

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Volvo FM tailor-made from the factory

Factory warranty

Your Volvo FM will be unique. As soon as it’s ordered, the factory will optimise its specifications. For extreme applications, the chassis can be tailor-made in our factory. All this increases quality, reduces lead-time and gives you a more complete warranty – the full Volvo package.

The Volvo Bodybuilder Interface makes it easy

Clever wiring

The Volvo FM’s Bodybuilder Interface means the bodybuilder can tap into the trucks electrical system and tailor functions. In addition to powering the auxiliary equipment, the interface allows the driver to control the equipment from both the dash and the remote control.

More about the Bodybuilding Interface

Axle economy

We’ve increased the axle load capacity to make the Volvo FM even more flexible. Its low chassis heights and stronger axle configurations help you find the optimal solution – one that lets you take assignments your competitors can’t, and get more from the ones you have.

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So many options

The Volvo FM is so flexible you can spec it exactly as you need it. Your Volvo Trucks dealer will help you find the combination that works for you.

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