It’s a friendly, safe and hard-working truck

Jonas Sandström

Exterior Designer, Volvo Trucks

Volvo FM for regional haul and city distribution

Urban design

It’s powerful. Aerodynamic. And built for the road. But the Volvo FM is also at home on city streets. It’s less assertive-looking than some of its stable mates. Less tall too. So it’s easy for pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers to make eye contact with the driver. And that means happier – and safer – journeys all round. 

The aerodynamic lines of the new Volvo FM

Part of the family

Re-thought. Re-drawn. Re-shaped. And more familiar than ever. With its aerodynamic lines and V-shaped headlights, the Volvo FM is definitely part of the family. Yet it’s retained the characteristics that made the previous model so popular. And judging by the brave new grille – a bit of attitude has been injected too.

360° Exterior overview

Below is an interactive overview of the cab. Click on the text boxes to read more. Click the "Full Screen" for an even better experience. Described features and functions are general and might vary from your specific truck.

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