On the open road in the Pilbara, an in-cabin camera captured live footage of Volvo’s safety features in action.

It records the moment one of our Volvo FH16 60 metre Quad Roadtrain trucks travelling at 85km/hr collides head on with a detached trailer from a road-train travelling in the opposite direction.

This is the first time, to our knowledge, that a live crash has been captured globally in a Volvo truck. The driver demonstrated exceptional professionalism and respect for other road users by alerting other operators by radio of the impending danger they were approaching, including the detached trailer.

The driver stayed alert and was able to walk away from the incident with Zero Harm.

Volvo Trucks Testing


When designing the Volvo FH16, we started with a blank page. Then we designed every line and component from scratch for a truck that embodies safety. Safety is in our DNA and we are continually innovating to drive further safety in our trucks..

“We know what is going on out there, we know what accidents look like which is why we do so many extra tests that are not called for by legislation” Carl Johan Almqvist, Traffic & Product Safety Director

Such as the Swedish cab strength test.

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Truck Built to optimise driver safety

No matter how good we are at preventing accidents, they do happen. So we focus on minimising the risk of injuries. And we concentrate on building trucks that give the driver, passengers and other road users as much protection as possible.

Energy absorbing cab
If the truck rolls over or experiences a head-on collision, our reinforced cab transfers energy backwards, maintaining a vital survival space inside.

Three-point seatbelt
Invented by Volvo, our comfortable restraint system keeps the driver in place when speed is suddenly reduced, or if the truck rolls over.

Driver airbag
Our advanced airbag design stops the driver from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard and windscreen in a serious frontal collision.

Active Safety

New technology is enabling increasingly sophisticated active safety systems to be installed in heavy trucks. By helping drivers to prevent accidents, these systems are saving lives and making our roads safer for everyone. See our active safety features.