The truck knows the gradients of the road ahead, so it tells the engine and the I-Shift transmission how to maximise the truck’s kinetic energy, save fuel and reduce CO2.

Anders Eriksson

I-See Developer, Volvo Trucks

Video about how the I-See works

I-See savings

See how much I-See could save you.

How it works

As you approach a hill, the truck downloads data with topography map accessible online. The information is then used, in a six-step process to maximise the truck’s kinetic energy and reduce your fuel consumption by up to 5%.

Skilled drivers already do this. But if you’re driving a truck for eight hours, you’re not likely to do it in quite the same way. With I-See managing the hills, you can concentrate on other aspects of the drive instead.

Volvo FH i-see cloud

Always supported and on the move

It means you will always have access to topography data, get a smoother driving experience and the system is automatically updated without the need to visit a workshop. 

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