New Features for the Volvo FH

Volvo Trucks I-Shift Dual Clutch

I-Shift Dual Clutch

Seamless gear changes, using sports car technology that is totally unique in the heavy trucks market. It can be described as two gearboxes linked together. When one gearbox is active, the next gear is preselected in the other gearbox. During gear changing, the first gearbox is disconnected at the same instant as the second gearbox is connected, so gear changes take place without any interruption in power delivery.

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Volvo Trucks Dynamic Steering New Features

Volvo Dynamic Steering - New Features

An accident is something every driver wants to avoid. And yet thousands of traffic accidents happen every day. Check out the two new safety features added to Volvo Dynamic Steering designed to save lives.

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Volvo FH truck with paraglider behind

Your profitability is key to our thinking

Maintain speed. Save fuel

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Volvo Trucks - Uptime Promise


Volvo Uptime Promise is an extra service offered on the Volvo Gold Service Agreement. It is our promise to deliver maximum uptime to your business. If you experience an unplanned stop, we promise to have you back on the road ASAP.

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Distinguished by design

The Volvo FH bumper


Bold, sweeping lines and dynamic, aero-led curves give the Volvo FH its distinctive, purposeful stance. Redesigned from the ground up, yet unmistakably a Volvo, the truck’s design celebrates the driver. And drives profitability for your fleet.

Volvo FH truck on the road

Fuel efficiency is built in

Fuel is precious. And expensive. So we make every drop count.

How much could you save?
Cab interior: steering wheel


Space. Clutter-free surfaces. And corner-to-corner quality. The interior of the Volvo FH cab feels light, airy and distinctly Swedish. It also offers an extra cubic metre of space, loads more room for your stuff and unparalleled levels of comfort and refinement.

Welcome to your new cab

Welcome to your new cab

With the My Truck app, you get remote access to your Volvo truck - no matter where you are. The app is available for all new Volvo FH, the Volvo FM and the Volvo FMX trucks. If you ask us, there’s no easier way to improve your daily operations.

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Cab impact safety test

Safety is our thing. So we do it our way

The Swedish cab impact test is the toughest in the world. International legislation says the test is no longer necessary. We disagree.

Meet the world’s safest Volvo
Driving conditions with the Volvo FH

World-class handling

The Volvo FH is the first mass produced truck to feature Volvo Dynamic Steering
Which means smooth, car-like handling.

Experience car-like handling
Remote control

How do you make drivers more productive?

Reduce fatigue. Improve comfort. And give them more control.

Get productivity in the palm of your hand
Find your local dealer

Get closer to the Volvo FH

Ask a question. Find a part. Book a service. Spec your perfect truck. It all happens with your local Volvo Trucks dealer.

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