Ergonomically designed driving compartment

Ergonomic thinking

Instruments. Gearshift. Controls. Storage. In the Volvo FE, everything you need to do your work is exactly where you need it, and within easy reach too. It means fewer movements. Less stretch and strain. So your hands spend more time on the wheel and your eyes don’t leave the road.

Ergonomically designed driving compartment

The driving seat

It’s where you spend your day. So it has to be perfect. We redesigned the Volvo FE seat to make it safer, more stylish and extra durable. Anchoring is improved. The headrest and seat belt are now integrated. And the heavy-duty dirt-resistant textiles complement the rest of the interior. 

Plenty of storage space for all your stuff

Loads of room for your stuff

In the dashboard. In the doors. Above your head. Between the seats. Look around the Volvo FE cab and you’ll see an abundance of storage space. You can add even more too.

360° Interior overview

Below is an interactive overview of the cabin interior. Click on the text boxes to read more. Click the "Full Screen" for an even better experience. Described features and functions are general and might vary from your specific truck.

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Get comfortable

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