Volvo FM chassis

The right tool for the job

Regardless of your transport needs, you want a truck with a chassis that’s built to handle the kind of tasks you’re going to throw at it. Maybe you need a superstructure purpose-built for your operation? We tailor your chassis to support your success – using components and systems that are guaranteed to work reliably for many years to come. This is work gear you can count on.

Whether you drive at high speeds or need to manoeuvre into loading bays, the Volvo FM is a precision tool that helps you do the job right. And with Volvo Dynamic Steering, it’s hard to match the handling and feel.

You can get your Volvo FM in many different configurations, ready for either local deliver or regional distribution. And they both start from the same chassis concept. This makes the Volvo FM a very versatile truck – build it according to your specifications.

Options for a fast build

Numerous specification options make your Volvo FM quick and easy to prep for any type of superstructure bodies. The electronic Bodybuilder Module is simple to use, while Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions provide online access to all the technical drawings and wiring diagrams needed. Everything to fine-tune your operation.

Prepared for bodybuilding

Discover the Volvo FM’s full potential

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