Welcome to your new cab

Welcome to your new cab

With the My Truck app, you get remote access to your Volvo truck - no matter where you are. The app is available for all new Volvo FH, the Volvo FM and the Volvo FMX trucks. If you ask us, there’s no easier way to improve your daily operations.

To activate My Truck talk to your dealer.

Three reasons why My Truck is a given

Easier planning

You can check fuel, oil, coolant, fluid levelsand light status. This improves your truck’s pretrip readiness and makes it easier to plan your daily operations.

One app to rule them all…

Connect your entire fleet to one app. All you have to do is to tap the button and follow the instructions. Provide each of the trucks with a unique name and a picture, and it’ll be easy to find them in the list.

…or one truck with multiple apps.

Sharing the truck with other drivers? Does your boss also want the app? Or do you want to use it on both phone and tablet? No problem. The app is free to download, and you can connect an unlimited number of devices to one truck.

My Truck

How to get started

  1. Order your new Volvo with the My Truck software enabled.
  2. Head away to the app store and download the app. It’s free.
  3. Tap ”Connect new truck” and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) at hand.
  4. If you want to connect additional devices, just repeat step 2 and 3
My Truck

Take a sneak peak and then download My Truck

App is available on both IOS and Android devices.

*Some features in this video are not available in the Australian market.

Find your local dealer

Keep your trucks close at hand

Your local dealer can answer any questions you may have about the My Truck app.

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