Room to stretch out

Room to stretch out

To make sure that every long-haul driver gets a good sleep, the bed in the new Globetrotter XXL cab is 2.13 metres long and 1.06 metres wide. That’s 130 mm longer and 250 mm wider than in a regular Volvo Globetrotter XL.


It’s more than just size though, the bunk has an adjustable reclining section and adapts to the shape of your body, delivering a remarkable level of comfort. You can also equip the cab with a second upper bunk.

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More than just a bed – A bigger home on the road

To make room for this improved sleeping area, Volvo designed the Globetrotter XXL with a rear wall 250 mm further back than in a standard Globetrotter XL cab, creating a massive 600 litres of extra internal space.


To take advantage of this additional space a further 50 litres of storage cabinets have been added, so you’ve got more room to bring those personal items that make a long trip more bearable.


Whether you’re travelling from Townsville to Melbourne, Perth to Karratha or Adelaide to Darwin, the FH Globetrotter XXL will make sure you get a good sleep, every night and every time.

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No compromises on safety

The Globetrotter XXL cab is strengthened with extra C-pillars, and has been thoroughly crash-tested to ensure it meets our stringent Swedish Cab Strength Test safety standards. It is also compliant with the ECE R29-03.

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As fuel - efficient as ever

The longer the journey the more important fuel efficiency becomes. By using galvanised sheet metal, and carefully selecting the other materials used in the cab’s construction, the space has been increased with minimal extra weight, while maintaining the FH Globetrotter XL's famous aerodynamic and fuel-efficient shape.

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Made in Australia

Made in Australia, for Australian conditions

The FH & FH16 Globetrotter XXL trucks are “Made in Australia for Australian conditions” at our Wacol factory in Brisbane. The FH & FH16 Globetrotter XXL can be customised by the local engineering team for your specific application.


The locally-built FH & FH16 Globetrotter XXL proudly carries the Australian Made certification logo.

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