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Volvo Connect 

Simplifying your daily operation

Whether you drive your own truck or manage a fleet of them, now you can connect critical aspects of your business in ways never before possible. At one place. With one log in, one view. Volvo Connect is the new interface for your digital services. Think of it as your digital home for a more profitable transport operation.

Everything that matters – in one view

Your trucks, activities, even your insights – all in one digital interface. By bringing your business together, Volvo Connect saves time, eliminates hassle and gives you a clearer understanding of the things that matter. Helping you to prepare, plan and continuously improve. This way you can take truck uptime, efficiency and productivity to new heights.

Caring for your collection

Get the control and peace of mind that comes with knowing that your trucks are in good condition and available for work.

Perfecting your moves

Get information that empowers you and helps keep your operation at the forefront.

Knowing more. Performing better

See the big picture in detail for a smoother, more coordinated and productive operation.

Supporting Your Entire Operation

Open up a world of services and functions with our state-of-the-art digital tools. Here’s what is currently available. And this is just the beginning.

Designed To Simplify

Volvo Connect is clean and intuitive, making it easy to navigate. Get an overview of the information and services most important to you as soon as you log in. You can easily access and use Volvo Connect from a complete range of smart devices and screen sizes.


Layers of functionality

Adding data and functionality in layers makes decision-making easier and improves efficiency.

Your Marketplace

Easily accessed at the Volvo Connect dashboard, the Marketplace presents digital services from both Volvo Trucks and selected partners. Over time you will be able to order and activate services from an ever-growing range – right here.


Developer portal

The Developer Portal helps ensure that Volvo Connect will continue to get better and better as we move into the future. Welcoming and enabling new, innovative services developed by selected specialist partners and others.

Easy To Get Started

Volvo Connect is available free of charge. But it’s how you fill it and use it that makes the difference. You subscribe to the services you want and that add value to your operation. Contact your Volvo dealer for more information.


For mixed fleets, too

Volvo Connect also makes it possible to integrate data from external systems and utilise data from vehicles – regardless of make.

Grows With You

Develop your business with a dynamic interface that grows with you. Volvo Connect today gives you important services that help you to more effectively run and develop your business. Yet this is just the start. You can look forward to new digital services down the road that keep your business on the leading edge.

We're here for you

The best way to learn what Volvo Connect is all about is to experience it yourself. For more information, contact your dealer.