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No more analysing reports

You will have your own personal fuel coach helping you reach sustainable savings. Your coach saves you time by analysing your drivers driving techniques and provide hands-on tips on which areas to focus on in order to improve driving behaviour and generate sustainable savings. Advice will be received via email on a regular basis, helping you make the right decisions in real-time.

Showing you where the savings are

Supporting your fuel savings

You will receive fleet and group overviews as well as details on individual driver performance. Besides identifying areas in need of improvement, your fuel coach is always happy to answer your fuel saving questions.    

The web-based Toolbox

Coaching in many ways

In addition to having your own fuel coach, the Toolbox supports you in establishing a simple way of working and follow up on progress. It also supplies the latest research on fuel savings, change management and motivation. Got questions? With Fuel Advice Support your answer is never far away. 


Ready to save?

If you’ve got Dynafleet in your truck you’re all set. If not, we can retrofit it for you. Contact your Volvo Trucks dealer to get started.

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