I don’t leave things to chance. I know that small changes in my driving style make a big difference to my truck’s performance. Simply by improving the way I accelerate and brake, I can get a fuel saving of up to 10%. I know that this has a direct effect on our company’s bottom line. That’s why I participate in driver training.

Cameron Simpson from Simpson’s Fuel

Semi-Finalist from Victoria

The 2017 Volvo Drivers’ Fuel Challenge, supported by sponsors Caltex and Michelin, brings together the six most fuel-efficient Volvo drivers in the country – measured on their daily work performance.

Using the powerful data of Dynafleet, the semi-finalists for the 2017 Volvo Drivers' Fuel Challenge have been identified as the most fuel efficient Volvo driver in their States, making this competition the most competitive ever.

“This is a whole new way to determine who are the most fuel-efficient drivers in Australia by using the technology in our trucks,” said Mitch Peden, Vice President of Volvo Trucks Australia. “By comparing the Dynafleet data from a wide range of our customers, we’ve identified the six drivers who consistently demonstrate fuel-efficient driving skills, day in and day out, while driving fully-laden trucks on genuine commercial journeys.”

DynaFleet App | Volvo Trucks Australia

The Dynafleet system records a wide range of aspects of the truck’s behaviour that give a good indication of how the driver is performing. Analysing this data makes it clear that some drivers use far less fuel than others to take the same load over the same journey. Dynafleet and the information it provides is a crucial part of the fuel efficicency and overall cost reduction equation.

“Dynafleet scores them out of 100 on four main aspects,” said Mitch, “speed, engine and gear use, anticipation and braking, and standstill. Our six semi-finalists were clearly paying close attention to fuel-efficiency, because they scored highly on all four.”

“Reviewing actual driver performance in this way gives a much clearer indication of just how much of an impact fuel-efficient driving has on emissions and on a company’s fuel expenses. At Volvo Trucks, we take great pride in building trucks with extremely low fuel consumption, we also believe it is equally important to have fuel efficient drivers,” said Mitch.

“Every litre you don’t burn means less CO2 in the atmosphere,” said Mitch, “and of course, collectively, it has a positive impact on the company’s bottom line, so there’s everything to gain by driving this way. Fuel efficient drivers are also safer drivers through the focus on road conditions and traffic, and efficient driving habits lead to reduced costs in repair and maintenance.”

The sponsors of the Volvo Drivers' Fuel Challenge, Caltex and Michelin, see the competition as an effective way to draw attention to the benefits of fuel-efficient driving, both to businesses and the environment.

“Caltex are founding sponsors of the Volvo Drivers' Fuel Challenge and we’re 100% behind their philosophy that the key to success in the transport business is the perfect combination of the right truck, the right driver and the right fuel,” said Mitch.

Grant Perris, Head of Fuels Product Management at Caltex added that ''Caltex Vortex Premium Diesel is designed to keep critical parts of your fuel system clean which can lead to better performance’’.

Milan Martinovic, Michelin’s Original Equipment & Export Manager – Oceania, added “At Michelin we believe fuel efficiency can be significantly enhanced by choosing the right tyre for the application. Fuel-efficient and durable tyres are crucial to the total-cost- of-ownership equation, and we’re proud to be demonstrating that through the Volvo Drivers' Fuel Challenge.”

Drivers' Fuel Challenge - Australian competitiors

The six semi-finalists who will each represent their State are:

New South Wales: Andrew Woodleigh, Borg Manufacturing

Victoria: Cameron Simpson, Simpson’s Fuel

South Australia: David Kleinig, L H Perrys

Tasmania: Chris Scolyer, De Bruyns Transport

Western Australia: Phil Vallance, Desert Sands Cartage

Queensland: Andrew Print, TruckHaul

These six semi-finalists won’t have it all their way though, they’ll be challenged by a number of other competitors selected from around Australia to keep them on their toes.

“From previous Challenges and from dealer-run competitions, we know a lot of the best Volvo drivers out there and we’ve invited them to come and show the rest how it’s done, so if anything, this Challenge will be more competitive than ever,” said Mitch.

The semi-final and final of the annual Volvo Driver’s Fuel Challenge will be held on 20 and 21 July in Brisbane. The winner will go on to represent Australia in the final in Gothenburg, Sweden in September.