Stop Look Wave

Through our traffic research analysis of real life accidents, it has become quite clear that the cause behind the majority of road accidents involves human behaviour to some degree. This is why, in addition to developing many innovative safety features for our products, we also work on all other aspects of safety.

With road freight task in Australia set to double by 2030, and triple by 2050 we decided to work on raising children’s awareness of how to behave safely in traffic through a global Stop, Look, Wave hands-on training campaign aimed at children.

A new classroom safety campaign, targeting Australia’s most vulnerable pedestrians, is being rolled out nationally by Volvo Trucks in Australia. This free education campaign teaches Australian children to STOP on the side of the road, LOOK both ways, and WAVE at the truck driver before they cross.

Click here to watch our Stop, Look, Wave global launch video.

Stop Look Wave

Aware that everyone wants to keep their children safe, we have decided to make this Stop, Look, Wave training material available to all.

The Stop, Look, Wave-basic kit consists of an interactive story in pdf format, as well as a self-explanatory User’s guide.

The Stop, Look, Wave-in depth kit consists of two versions of an interactive story – one with sound and animation, and one without – as well as a self-explanatory Instructor’s guide for educators, youth group leaders, police officers, and other people who work with children.

There is also a licence, which can be downloaded and printed for use in the training sessions.

Download the materials

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