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We know what’s going on out there. We know what accidents look like. That’s why we do so many extra tests that are not called for by legislation.

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Preventing accidents

Human error is contributory factor in around 90% of all traffic accidents. So we help our drivers see more. We help them stay comfortable and focused. And we equip our trucks with systems and technologies that take safety to the next level.

Efficient brakes
Our Electronic Braking System creates smooth brake interactions, shorter stopping distances, and better stability and road-holding.

Stability support
If your truck is about to skid or rollover, the Electronic Stability Program counteracts lateral forces to set things right.

All-round visibility
Lots of glass, powerful windscreen wipers, redesigned rear-view mirrors and more help you see more, and stay safe.

Intelligent tech
Adaptive Cruise Control manages your proximity to the vehicle in front, while the Hill Start Aid helps you take off uphill safely.

Security systems
Our Anti-Theft System lets you lock the truck and activate the alarm remotely, and alerts you to tampering with a 105 dB (A) siren.

Maximum drivability
I-Shift is an intelligent transmission system that takes the work out of changing gear, so you can concentrate on the road.

Comfortable climate
Highly advanced Electronic Climate Control monitors and controls every climate factor, for maximum comfort and fewer mistakes.

Low noise levels
Aerodynamic design, silencers and insulation are just some of the ways we keep noise – and stress – levels at a minimum.

See and be seen

See and be Seen

Every year, road accidents destroy many lives. Which is why we have designed an easy-to-use activity that shows how to improve safety between heavy vehicles and unprotected road users.  

Discover our campaign for traffic safety
we teach children to stop look wave

We teach children to

Stop Look Wave

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Reducing injuries

No matter how good we are at preventing accidents, they do happen. So we focus on minimising the risk of injuries. And we concentrate on building trucks that give the driver, passengers and other road users as much protection as possible.

Energy absorbing cab
If the truck rolls over or experiences a head-on collision, our reinforced cab transfers energy backwards, maintaining a vital survival space inside.

Three-point seatbelt
Invented by Volvo, our comfortable restraint system keeps the driver in place when speed is suddenly reduced, or if the truck rolls over.

Driver airbag
Our advanced airbag design stops the driver from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard and windscreen in a serious frontal collision.

Front Under-Run Protection System
In a front-on collision with a car, this crumple zone retracts 200 millimeters to protect the passenger compartment, driver and passengers inside.

Adaptive cruise control with forward collision warning
This intelligent driver support system uses radar to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and alert the driver to a collision risk.

Stretch brake
This automatically retards the trailer and straightens up the rig on slippery downhill stretches, significantly reducing the risk of jack-knifing.

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